50something Kat’s Workout Session Becomes A Fuck Session


Kat, a 56-year-old wife and mom from Texas, is ready for her workout session. First, her trainer is going to help her stretch. She says she needs some help with her pelvis area. Hmmm…the pelvis area. Isn’t that where the pussy is? Yes, indeed it is! Now, one might ask, “Why is Kat wearing wedge pumps for her workout? Why is she wearing a thong?” Well, the answer to those questions is, “Because she wants to fuck.” And when her horny trainer gets a look at the sexy panties covering her pussy, he wants to fuck her. Before long, exercise session has turned into fuck session in which the dude pounds her MILF pelvis. Um, is that right? Never mind. Just watch Kat sucking and fucking and do as you please. But try not to yank your pelvis. Kat is from Kansas, a state that hasn’t given us many MILFs, and lives in Texas, a state that has. She says she’s shy “at times.” Working out with her trainer obviously isn’t one of those times. She’s a swinger but not a nudist. The other way around is more-common. But we never said Kat was like everyone else. After all, she wears heels and a thong to workout.