Bella Lexi, The Famous Former Police Lieutenant, Returns To Pornmegaload


It’s time for Round 2 with Bella Lexi, a 48-year-old wife and mom with blond hair, big, store-bought tits, an overall great body and a very sexual attitude. Today, Mrs. Lexi is going to get totally naked (except for her heels) and get off for you. We last saw Bella about a year and a half ago, but for those of you who weren’t with us then (or were and have forgotten), here’s her story. Bella was a police lieutenant in Colorado, so, yeah, when she told you to get on your knees and put your hands behind your back, you did it. But the thing is, she also did some amateur porn, and she was perfectly content keeping both parts of her life separate. She never posed in her police uniform or identified herself as a cop, so she figured everything was copacetic. For about a year and a half, everything was copacetic. But then one of her female co-workers found out about the porno side of her life and blabbed to the powers that be. “I was a really good cop and I was a really good leader,” Bella said. “But I think some people viewed what I did for fun as being a sex worker.” Unfortunately, that marked the end of Bella’s career with the police force. Fortunately, she found us, and now? Well, she told one news outlet that the guys who used to work for her are now reaching out for free stuff. “I just had one [who] texted me and reached out to me and was like, ‘Hey I saw a commercial for you’ or something on some porn website or something. And he was like, ‘Well you know I was your favorite, so if you want to send me some free videos sometime, I wouldn’t be upset.’ I was like, ‘What the hell, no free videos, nice try,'” Bella said. Nope. No free videos. And, buddy, if you’re watching, we hope you’re enjoying jacking off to your former boss.