Rally For Allie


Once seen, Allie Pearson is burned into the brain. She’s like a drug, highly addictive and habit-forming, difficult to forget. The only solution is to join the French Foreign Legion. She makes a guy want to see more and more of her gorgeous body, beautiful face and massive tits. She’s a merry-go-round that won’t let the riders off. XLGirls: The number of guys who have said to you, “I can’t go out with you anymore. Your boobs are too big.” Allie: Zero. XLGirls: Your boobs aren’t just great. They’re really nice. Allie: Thanks, but I’m very particular, so I always feel one’s bigger than the other. XLGirls: Did you know that’s a good thing? Allie: I didn’t. XL Girls: For many guys, it’s proof that they’re natural. Allie: It’s all real here! Nothing done, nothing altered.