When Your New Step-Mom Is The Stripper Who Lapdanced You


Now here’s a heckuva situation…a dude is on the phone with his friend and reminds him about the time recently when they were at a strip club. Well, the dude got a lapdance from a hot stripper…and what the heck? That hot stripper just married his dad! She’s now his step-mom! And then, the stripper/step-mom overhears him talking on the phone and comes over wearing a skimpy, one-piece swimsuit that shows off her hot body, big tits and tan lines. “I don’t know nothing about strippers,” he tells her. “Are you lying to your step-mom?” she asks. Well, yes, he is. Lying through his zipper. She decides to show him what happens at a strip club. “You’re my step-mom,” he protests. “We’re not related,” she points out. Well, no, not technically. But really, they kinda are. She gives him a lot more than a lapdance. She sucks and fucks his cock. Here, the stripper/step-mom is 49-year-old Morgan Ray. The dude is 22 years old. Morgan has big, fake tits, long hair and a tight body. Oh, we forgot to mention: Morgan and her step-son fuck outside, where the neighbors could see and hear them. Maybe one of them got a lapdance from Morgan, too. Maybe one of them is next.